At R B College of Pharmacy, we have the privilege to educate future Pharmacists in a transformational academic environment with innovative research and state-of-the-art patient care. We are committed to serve the Country and beyond through the translation, application, and dissemination of research discovery; committed for enhancing diversity and inclusivity, to provide the best education and health care to an increasingly diverse local and global community; committed to innovative science and technology, to promote health and wellness with a deep community engagement and as indicated in the quote above by Sir William Osler, committed to efforts so as to understand the individual and the biology of each individual’s illness, as a more precise (or precision medicine) approach.

Having our full focus on bridging and aligning multidisciplinary research with impact and value for health care and education, guided by an overall responsibility to patients and the community, we are excited to describe and further develop the opportunities available here at the R B College of Pharmacy. These opportunities include a focus on life-long learning; strong scientific discovery; translation of multidisciplinary science into the best value for patients; and the high quality and value of academic medical care in keeping with our responsibility to meet the needs of the region, India and beyond.

Educational programme at R B College of Pharmacy is fully accredited and permitted by PCI fulfilling the motive of educational renovation and leadership. Our curriculum focuses on active learning experiences to promote habits of lifelong learning; and a commitment to the highest ideals of our profession with a focus on the patient’s experience. We are focused to prepare graduates from our Pharmacy College to compete among the most sought after residency positions in the country, and are well prepared for clinical practice, academic opportunities, and a lifetime of service. With an emphasis on community engagement and partnerships, we have also created additional opportunities for learning in rural settings and global opportunities. we wish all aspirants the best in their career and much happiness and peace in their lives and congratulate those who get admitted into the hallowed precincts of this prestigious Institution.

“Excellence blended with supreme virtues of life such as honesty, integrity, hard work, politeness, purity of soul and total dedication to the purpose”

Zakhir Hussain (Adv.) - (President)
Dr. Javed A. Warsi - (Chairman)
Rizwan Parvez - (Vice-Chairman)
Dr. Rehan Farooq - (Vice-Chairman)
Dr. Mohd. Arif - (Vice-Chairman)
Mohd. Zeeshan - (Vice-Chairman)